Audio in English: Paulo winner Brannon Cho in interview

Brannon Cho delivered an impressive interpretation of Prokofiev's Sinfonia concertante with a myriad of nuances in the finals of the Paulo competition on Thursday evening. Bild: Maarit Kytöharju

The American cellist Brannon Cho has been profoundly shaped by two cellists. Our Editor of Music, Wilhelm Kvist, met him in Helsinki.

– At the age of eleven, I met a very important mentor in my life, professor Hans Jørgen Jensen. He taught me for eleven years very much about discipline and work ehtic. The standard of every single idea I have and movement I make was set by him.

Brannon Cho left Jensen last year for professor Laurence Lesser.

- He has taught me so much emotionally, learning how to communicate effectively with an audience. Not just having the ideas and playing well, but really putting emotions and stories into the audience.

In an interview with Editor of Music Wilhelm Kvist, Mr. Brannon Cho offers his view on competitions in general, the importance of timing in music and communicating with the audience.

Cho was awarded the first prize in the International Paulo Cello Competition, the jury announced late Thursday evening. The award comprises 20 000 euros.

The second prize was shared between American cellist Zlatomir Fung and Korean Minji Kim, who were both awarded 15 000 euros. The remaining finalists Leonardo Chiodo, Bryan Cheng and Timotheos Petrin were awarded 3 000 euros each.

The competition was held in Helsinki, Espoo and Lahti October 15 to 25.

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